Seriously? There Are Videos on Instagram Now?

March 29, 2014

Up until now, Instagram has been all about photographs. In fact, it was the original purpose and point of its platform. After recent changes, however, you can now share videos with your Instagram followers. This is similar to how you can share videos with your Twitter followers through an app known as Vine.
Are you wondering what Vine is? It’s actually simple. It’s an application that you can download and use in order to share short, seven-second videos. Even though seven seconds might not seem like a very long time, you might be surprised by how much of an impact can be made in these few short seconds. Also, you can play your Vine videos in loops if you want, which means that they’ll go on for an extended period of time.
Believe it or not, recording and uploading videos to Instagram is actually pretty easy. First, you have to download the Video on the Instagram application to your smartphone or other mobile device. Then, you simply hold down the record button to get started with recording. The Video on Instagram app actually has some advantages over Vine; for example, you can actually use it to record 15 seconds worth of video footage, which is more than twice as long as the limit on Vine.

After you have recorded your video, getting it ready to load onto Instagram is easier than you probably think. You can add filters to your video just as you can with your photographs; this can help you tweak the video until it looks its best. There are currently 13 filters that you can use; they are added to your video to help enhance the colors and contrast, to add effects and to basically make your video stand out and look its best.
Obviously, using filters is completely optional, so it’s up to you if you want to take this additional step. You might choose to play around with the filters, or you might determine that you want to use them for some of your videos but not all of them. Three of the most popular ones are Dogpatch, Ginza and Helena, so you might want to try them first. If you don’t prefer these, there are still 10 other filters that you can try until you get the look that you want to achieve. After applying any filters that you might want to use, you can quickly and easily upload your video to Instagram with your smartphone or other mobile device.

As you can see, recording videos and uploading them to Instagram via the Video on Instagram application is quick and easy. If you haven’t utilized it yet, you should think about it! Adding video is a great way to get a whole new experience from Instagram, plus you can gain a lot more followers. Once your potential followers see that you’re taking advantage of the video option, they’ll surely want to check out what you have to offer. Plus, you’ll make your profile appear much more engaging, active and exciting by using the Video on Instagram application and participating in video sharing on the site. If you haven’t already, you should consider checking it out right now!